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Each project undertaken by Ritika Systems is special and equally important to us. We give our best to whatever we undertake. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and are on a relentless journey to continue working with the same passion and excellence with which we started to achieve greater heights. With huge emphasis on being abreast with the latest technology, RSPL continues to change the way solar is perceived in India.

RSPL pioneered the solar revolution in India. Being the oldest player in the Solar Industry we have various firsts to our name:

1) RSPL pioneered the use of CFL in solar lighting along with being the first to develop solar lanterns.

2) We developed the first solar street light with dusk to dawn operation.

3) At a time when solar power plants were unheard of, RSPL were the first to successfully install & commission eight 5KW DC solar power plants in the Andamans.

Some of the successful projects we have undertaken are enumerated below:

Sr. No

Name of agency/organization

Nos./Capacity of Solar systems /Power Plants supplied

Year in which the plants were commissioned


Gurgaon Gramin Bank, Gurgaon

2.8KWp X 30 Nos. S.P.P.



Social Works & Research Centre, Tilonia

10KWp X 05 Nos. S.P.P.



Department of Post, Delhi

2KWp X 01 no. S.P.P.



Director, HIMURJA, Shimla

11W CFL SLS X 3783 Nos.



Director, HIMURJA, Shimla

11W CFL SLS X 1212 Nos.



Director, HIMURJA, Shimla

08W LED SLS X 956 Nos.



Go Green, its the best way to mitigate the energy issue. Rates are going to go up and with parity almost on the horizon, its the right time to invest

Accelerated depreciation benefit of 80% is allowed in 1st Year on investments in solar powerprojects

Get upto 90% subsidy in certain states with the MNRE giving 30% subsidy for solar power projects for inhouse consumption. Never has the administrative environment been so conducive towards Solar Energy.

Achieve payback and then have cost free electricity for the rest of the balance life of the system

Move away from polluting sources of energy like your diesel genset. Solar is way cheaper,way better and saves the environment

With diesel and elec price rising at approx 5-8% per year, it makes sense to go Solar. An average diesel genset generated unit costs apprx Rs.22 compared to that of solar at about Rs.8